Emergency shafa hospital

Shafa Hospital Emergency is ready to provide services to respected patients 24 hours a day.

Hospital units

The hospital is open 24 hours a day and if you want to get in touch with a specific department, please contact

Online admission

You, dear companions, can make your reservation using this section and go to the hospital on time to provide services. Note: The relevant icon is in action.

Shafa Hospital services

Shafa hospital Vision

As the premier General Hospital in the province, we provide top quality and distinctive healthcare services to attract patients from the region, neighboring provinces and neighboring countries.

Shafa Hospital Strengths

Providing desirable nursing services
Hospital-friendly baby
Equipped with operating room
Well-known hospital

ُShafa Hospitale main policies

Health and disease have no clear boundaries. Health is the enjoyment of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not just illness and disability, health is a multidimensional issue. Even today, in addition to the physical, mental and social dimension, they also consider the spiritual aspect.

Shafa Hospital Surgery

The hospital performs various surgeries

Cost of hospital services

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Number of hospital beds

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Why Shafa Hospital


Greatist goals of Shafa Hospital

Shafa Hospital is pursuing great goals to increase service to its patients

Strategic Goals of Shafa Hospital

Tabriz Shafa Hospital pursues its strategic goals. These goals are to enhance services to patients and physicians as well as to further advance medical knowledge

Hospital values

Shafa Hospital is very consistent in its values and always strives to improve those values

Adopted Bed
Active Bed
Women's Surgery Bed
Men's Surgery Bed

Scientific Content of Hospital Doctors