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Expectations from the patient and companions:

Completely complete admission and discharge forms and provide complete and complete information such as: ID details, address, phone number, job, type of insurance And ... as well as information on current history and complete medical and pharmaceutical history such as previous illnesses, history of hospitalization, type of medication used, smoking and allergies, etc.and Your physician and staff will be required during your treatment.

Tell your nurse if the identification band is missing on non-dominant wrist patients.

Please do not bring valuables with you when you are in hospital and only carry essentials such as hospital supplies you need. Also keep your hair dryer, the hospital will have no responsibility for your lost appliances.

After hospitalization, you must inform your treating physician or ward authority of your medications used at home.

It is imperative to respect the hospital rules, such as respecting the sanctity of the sacred law, keeping silence in the inpatient departments, observing the hours of visitation by your guests.

Your polite and respectful treatment of hospital staff and other patients and their companions is a sign of your high personality.

Carefully follow the instructions of a physician and nursing / midwifery, physiotherapist, nutritionist who are all in your care team for treatment and recovery as soon as possible.

Please refrain from bringing children and children under 12 years of age to a separate hospital to prevent the transmission of communicable and infectious diseases.