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Big goals :

S1: Recognize the hospital as a modern and advanced medical center

S1G1: Fulfillment of accreditation standards in hospitals

S1G2: Achieving and Improving Patient Safety

S1G3: Improving the quality of health care and care provided

S1G4: Development of specialized and paraclinical services

S2: Development and standardization of hospital physical space

S2G1: Improvement and expansion of hospital physical spaces


big Goals :

S3 :  Enhance Personnel Capacity

S3G1 : Improving the scientific and practical level of personnel

S3G2 : Increasing staff motivation

S3G3 : Increasing staff satisfaction

S4: Improving hospital performance based on customer-centric culture

S4G1: Increasing Satisfaction, Respect, Accountability and Trust for Stakeholders and Customers

S4G2: Improving patients' knowledge of needed care