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General Rules of Admission Hospitalization

When Receiving Admission - You must have a valid National Identity Card or Certificate of Identity Card in addition to a written written admission to your physician, medical notebook and ID card.


It is required for the birth certificate to be accompanied by the birth certificate of the father.

If the maternity leave is on vacation the day before the birth certificate is issued by the medical record unit.

The bookstore above two years must have a photographer.

In order to perform surgeries that lead to amputation, such as hysterectomy, consent of the spouse is required and the couple's birth certificate must be provided at the time of admission.

Answer questions from the receptionist, including your address, phone number, and so on.

The presence of a guardian or legal guardian is required for patients under the age of 18 and for patients with mental and mental disorders and awareness when filing a national card.

If you have a hospitalization record to expedite your work, inform the admissions officer.

Keep all your medical records (photos, tests, ECGs, echoes, sonography, etc.) while you are in hospital.

For outpatient surgery, the patient must have a single patient on the day of referral.