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Lnternational patients unit of shafa specialized and Higher Specialized e,Tabriz.

Dear guest,Welcome to Shafa Specialized Hospital in Tabriz

In order to expedite the service and increase your satisfaction ,adear guest called ipd has been formed in this center.

Ipd  Department Members:

Ipd Doctor:Dr.Mohammad Ali Hassanzadeh

Ipd Doctor:Dr.Dariush Abdollahi Fard

Expert:fatemeh jia

Phone Number:

Activities of the Department of International Patients

1.possibility of face-to-face and virtual consultation with the doctor of the international patients unit

2.The possibility of communicating with the ipd doctor after discharge

3.issuance of patient mobile card

4.Free internet access without restrictions

5.Access to urban transportation service as close as possible

6.presence of translators in foreign languagesfor more and better communication with international patients

Secure access to the nearest exchange office


Access to the nearest hotel:

Sina hotel:Tabriz,imam Khomeini st.Golestan Garden Square

Ability to communicate and send the file before the visit using the following communication channels:

Healing Hospital Fax Number:04132808888

Email address:shafa.hospital.i.p.d1@gmail.com

Hospital address:Tabriz,Air Force Street,Qonqa Square,in front of Golestan Garden

Way of clients:

Special Service taxi of Shafa hospital

Visiting hours at the hospital are from 2 to 4p.m.